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The Main Window

Each of your Quoll Writer projects will be displayed in it's own window. The first thing to notice about Quoll Writer is that it doesn't have a menu bar, this is intentional! Features in Quoll Writer are where you would expect to find them, not buried in menus.

The main window is made up of a number of parts as detailed below.

Description of the parts

  1. This is the main writing area. Each chapter will have it's own tab so multiple chapters can be edited at once. Also each asset (characters, locations etc) will have its own tab.
  2. This is the chapter/assets list. Here you can manage chapters, for example add new chapters, move them up and down and delete them.
  3. This is where the notes are listed. Each type of note has a separate item.
  4. The project buttons. Here you can access the Idea Board, the find, full screen mode and the project menu which provides access to functions related to the project.
  5. This is the toolbar for the tab currently displayed in the main area. Each type of tab has a different toolbar.

Note: collectively the Chapters, Assets, Notes and toolbar sections are known as the sidebar. In the options panel you can set whether the sidebar is on the left or right of the writing area.

Making the left hand panel bigger

Drag the divider between the main area and the sidebar to make the left hand panel bigger (or the main area smaller).

Closing/opening sections in the left hand panel

To open one of the sections in the left hand panel just click on the header, for example to close the Characters section just click Characters.

Where things are

In the options panel you can change the location of the toolbar, the sidebar and the tabs.

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