Achievements are a bit of fun that provide a serious purpose. No one ever thanks you for writing, tracking your progress is difficult and rewards are none existent. Achievements are designed to fill that gap. They are designed to encourage usage and exploration and provide small rewards for an otherwise thankless task.

You can enable or disable the Achievements by going to the Achievements section of the Options panel.

To see how many Achievements you've achieved select Achievements from the menu. The Achievements panel will be displayed, an example is shown below:

There are two types of Achievements, Project and General. General Achievements will only trigger once and relate to general purpose features like the spell checker or sending an invite to a Contact. Project achievements relate to progress within the Project, for example, the more Chapters you create the more Achievements you'll reach.

There are over a 120 Achievements in all (some are hidden), can you find them all?

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