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Editor Mode (beta)

Editor Mode is a free service, currently in beta and accessible within Quoll Writer. It allows you to connect with other people to get feedback on your story, book or project. Editor Mode makes it easy to send your work to others and get their comments back. However it's important to note that it is not designed for proofreading or copy editing. Your Editors won't be able to change the text but they can highlight parts of it and add comments.

With Editor Mode you select the chapters you want to send, add some text to indicate what you would like the Editor to do and then press Send. There's an example below.

Getting started

Getting started with the Editors service is easy.

  1. Download and install Quoll Writer.
  2. Once Quoll Writer is up and running click on the Editors icon on the header bar.
  3. Complete the simple sign up form. You only need an email address.
  4. Confirm your email address. (Remember to check your spam folder, the confirmation email will probably be there and I'd like to thank all the spammers who have made it next to impossible for legitimate services to send invites nowadays.)
  5. Invite an editor using their email address and send them your project.

It is recommended you create a separate email account when using the Editors service. You will have to give out the email address to potential editors and using your regular email address is probably not a good idea. Searching for free email in Google will give you enough results to keep you busy for a lifetime but you could start at Top 10 Free Email Services.

Terms & Conditions

Use of this service (while free) is subject to these terms & conditions. It is recommended you read them before deciding whether to use the service. The tl;dr is be respectful to each other and follow through on your promises. If you say you'll edit someone's work then try and do so.

I want to be an editor, what do I do?

First, follow the steps in the Getting started section. Then give out your email address to the author, or if you know their email address then invite them instead.

If you haven't already signed up then you will receive an invite email (check your spam folder, it's probably there).

Once you have an account just login and any invites will be displayed in your Contacts sidebar in Quoll Writer.

I'm offering paid editing services, is that ok?

Yes that's perfectly ok, there is no charge for using the service. However you must disclose your costs to authors before accepting an invite to edit their work. Failing to do so may result in you being banned from the service and your account deleted.

This is all too good to be true, what do you get out of this?

Nothing (seriously). Editor Mode was born out of a frustration of having to get my wife to sit down in front of the Quoll Writer application, write comments and add them as notes to the text, which then made it difficult to work out which were her comments and which were mine. Also when you have 200 A4 pages worth of text printing that out to get someone to read it is a nightmare and costly, that's not even taking into account trying to collate and keep track of their scribbles on the page. Don't get me started on Word's track changes feature!

The current hosting costs on Amazon EC2 for the Quoll Writer website and Editors service (both on the same server at the moment, about mid-2015) is just under $12US/month. Email me if you would like confirmation, I can send you some of the billing statements. It doesn't cost much to run and it's worth $10/month if people can connect and get their work looked at. If the service becomes really popular and I have to increase the server size (and thus the cost goes up) and/or add a new server then I'll look into setting up a Patreon or similar to help fund it. At the moment it costs next to nothing (my kids get more weekly pocket money) and I'm happy to pay for it.

There is a section below on security and the reason it is there is to let you know, and hopefully reassure you that when you use this service I will know next to nothing about you and that I couldn't get access to your work or messages even if I tried due to any messages you send or receive being encrypted. It is also the reason why I recommend you create a separate email address. Your email address will never be sold by me or revealed to anyone by me. I have no interest in making money out of this service and I have no interest in making money out of you either.

What about security?

Editor Mode uses PGP encryption and HTTPS and SSL communication to securely transfer messages between you and your editors. This is the reason, incidentally, that you have to sign up using Quoll Writer rather than the website.

See the security page for full details.

An open protocol

My intention is for the Editor Mode to be an open protocol. That is anyone can implement the same service in another application and then communicate with Quoll Writer, in that way you aren't locked into using Quoll Writer for editing and/or authoring. To make that happen requires documentation which will take some time but I'll release it when I can, especially if there is a desire for other writing applications to implement it.

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