Quoll Writer provides an inline spellcheck. It can be turned on or off as needed using the icon in the Chapter toolbar. The spellcheck setting applies to all Chapters.

Unrecognized words will be underlined with a red line. An example is shown below:

To see a list of spelling suggestions right click on the word, the spellchecker does not need to be active to see a list of suggestions if the word isn't recognized. An example suggestion menu is shown below:

To change the word for one of the suggestions just click on it. To add the word to the dictionary click Add to Dictionary.

Asset Names/Aliases

Asset names and aliases, including the names/aliases of custom Assets are automatically added to the dictionary for the Project.

Selecting the dictionary language

English is the default spellcheck language used by Quoll Writer. Dictionaries for Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish are also available. To change the spell check language go to the Editing Chapters section of the Options panel and select the language to use. New dictionaries are downloaded from the Quoll Writer server. You can also set the language as the default for Quoll Writer to use for other Projects.

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