Please select from one of the support options below. I try to respond to all enquiries within three working days. Where possible please send a message through Quoll Writer itself, use the Help option from the menu.

General Contact

Please use the link below if you have a general query about Quoll Writer development or usage.

Contact Me

Report a Bug

If you need to report an issue you have encountered with Quoll Writer, please use the report a problem/bug form.

Report a Bug

Request a new feature

If you would like to see a new feature added to Quoll Writer please let me know.

Request a new feature

Editors Service Support

For issues related specifically to the Editors Service, please use one of the options below.

Account confirmation

If you need to re-send your Editors Service account confirmation email please use the link below.

Resend the email

Stop invites

If you would like to stop any invites from being sent to your email address please use the link below.

Stop receiving invites

Reset your password

To reset your Editors Service password please use the link below.

Reset password

Editors Service How Tos

Reporting an Editor

If an editor is behaving in a way that you are not happy about then your first action should be to tell them you are unhappy with their behavior. If that does not work then consider removing them as an editor. You can also right click on a message in the editor panel and select Report Message if you feel it is inappropriate.

Note: reporting a message will not automatically lead to sanctions against the editor and I reserve the right (please see the Terms & Conditions for details) to either take action against the editor or not. Please note that frivolous reporting of messages or reporting without good cause may lead to your own account being banned from the service.

Removing an Editor

Editors Service support is not able to remove any of your editors. You must do this yourself via the Quoll Writer application.

Deleting your account

It is recommended that you delete your account through Quoll Writer. This will then inform your editors (if any) that you are no longer using the service. The Editors Service does not know who your editors are. It knows you have sent/received invites but it does not know who is actually in your list of editors.

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