Linking objects together

Objects in Quoll Writer can be linked together to help keep track of the relationships between them. There are two main ways to link objects:

  • By making an explicit link that then appears in the Linked to section for the object.
  • By referring to the object by name in another object's description.

Linking when adding/editing an object

When adding a new Asset from a popup, such as the example shown below, a link to display the link to section will be shown. Clicking the link will expand the link to section and allow you to select other objects that should be linked to the Asset being added.

When viewing an Asset a Linked to section will be displayed showing the other objects the Asset is linked to. Click the icon to modify which objects the Asset is linked to, an example is shown below:

When viewing a Chapter, click on the icon in the toolbar to access the Linked to section. The section behaves the same way as for Assets.

Referring to objects in other object descriptions

When you refer to another object by name or alias in another object's description, the name of the object will become a link that can be clicked to view the object. In the example below Sherlock Holmes is referred to in the description of John Watson. The text Sherlock Holmes then becomes a link that can be clicked to view the Character Sherlock Holmes.

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