Editors Service - Terms & Conditions

Listed below are the terms and conditions for using the Editor Mode Service. It's unlikely you'll read them all so here is the tl;dr. If you don't read anything else then at least read these.

The tl;dr

  • You don't hold me (Gary Bentley, the provider of the service) liable for any losses you incur by using the service. There is no warranty for using the service. You use the service at your own risk.
  • You understand that you are sending a copy of your work to other people and as such you are effectively giving them your work. The service can't protect you from the other party doing something with your work that you didn't intend.
  • Treat each other with respect. Act professionally and be courteous, being rude or offensive is likely to get you banned from the service.
  • You can be banned from using the service at any time for abusing others or abusing the service.
  • At all times you retain the rights to your work/comments.
  • Any information you pass or provide to the service will not be revealed to others, except where required by law.
  • Paid editing services are ok, just be upfront about your costs and conditions.
  • The service is currently free to use but this may change in the future.

No Warranties

Let's get the nasty bit out of the way. I cannot provide any warranty for the use of the Editor Mode service. It is (and any related documentation) provided as is without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or noninfringement.

If I'm an author/creator

The most important thing to understand as an author/creator is that by sending your project to someone else you are essentially giving them a copy of your work. Quoll Writer cannot prevent them from using your work in a way you didn't intend. It is important that you establish some trust with your editors, if you don't have that comfort level then please do not use this service.

You must also have realistic expectations of your editors. Provide reasonable deadlines and be polite in your requests and dealings with them. Provide clear instructions on what you would like them to do and/or focus on. You are asking someone to perform a task for you, don't be rude.

If I'm an editor

As an editor you have great power and responsibility. You may often be editing work that has taken the author (many) years to produce so be gentle but fair in your feedback. Also, be constructive, put yourself in the author's place and think about how you would like to receive comments.

Paid editing services

It's ok to offer paid editing services and use the Editors Service. There is no charge for doing so. However you must disclose any costs and terms and conditions before accepting a project from a client. Failing to do so may result in you being banned from the service and your account deleted.

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