Tags & Tagging

A tag in Quoll Writer allows you to group objects together. Just about any object (Chapters, Assets, Notes etc.) can be tagged and each object can have as many Tags as you need.

Tags are available to all Projects, removing a Tag will remove it from all Projects.

Tagging an object

To tag an object, right click on the object in the Project sidebar, select the Tag from the Tags menu and check the box next to each Tag you wish to apply. Alternatively, if you want to add a new Tag, select Add New Tag(s), the following popup will be displayed:

The new Tag will be applied to the object straight away. You can also add new Tags or manage existing Tags by either:

Whichever option is used the following popup will be displayed:

When a Tag is applied to an object and the Tag section is currently being displayed in the Project sidebar then the object will appear in that section.

Tagging via Drag-n-drop

You can also tag objects by dragging and dropping them from one section of the Project sidebar into a Tag section.

Tags become sections

Each Tag has its own section in the Project sidebar, they can be displayed/hidden/moved around like any other section.

Removing a Tag from an object

To remove a Tag from an object you can either:

  • Right click on the object when it is in a Tag section and select Remove Tag.
  • From the Tags menu when you right click on an object in any other Project sidebar section and uncheck the relevant Tags.
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