The Options Panel

The Options Panel is where you can configure and manage various aspects of Quoll Writer. It can be accessed from the menu by selecting Options. The panel is separated into sections, the sections are detailed below.

Project & Backups

This section is only displayed in the The Project Window when editing a Project. The settings relate to the Project and backups of the Project, it allows you to manage where the Project and backups are stored and allows you to create and manage the backups. An image of the section is shown below for a typical Project:

How things look & sound

This section allows you to customize how Quoll Writer looks and behaves, including changing the User Interface language, where sidebars are displayed and whether a sound is played when you press a key. The section is shown below:

What things are called

This section allows you to change the names of objects. See the Changing the names of objects page for full details.

Editing Chapters

This section allows you specify when and if auto-saves are performed on Chapters as well as configuring which dictionary to use and how the edit position should be displayed.


This section lets you set your preferred way of adding new Assets as well adding/editing Asset types.

When Quoll Writer starts

This section lets you specify what Quoll Writer should do when it starts.

Editors Service

This section provides configuration for using the Editors Service.

Manage Items & Rules

This section lets you manage the Note Types, Tags and Problem Finder Rules.


This section allows to specify defaults for doing a Warm-up and whether the Do a Warm-up popup is displayed when Quoll Writer starts.


This section lets you switch Achievements on or off and control whether a sound is played when an achievement has been reached.

When something goes wrong

This section allows you to automatically send error reports back to Quoll Writer support when something goes wrong. Please turn this on! It really helps.

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