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Idea Board Overview

The Idea Board is a place to capture your ideas about your story/book/project. Ideas are grouped into types, for example Characters, Dialogue, Chapters, Scenes and so on. By default a number of types are displayed on the board ready for you to add your ideas to however you can add as many types as you like.

Idea types

Ideas on the board are grouped into types, you can add as many types of Ideas as you like and within each type as many ideas as you can think of. The number of Ideas for each type is displayed next to the type name and you can hide/show all of the Ideas by clicking on the type header.


Only the first line of an Idea is displayed by default, however if you move your mouse over an Idea then the full text is displayed. Since not all Ideas are created equal, you can rate Ideas with a single click on a scale of 1 to 5. To help keep them in order, Ideas can also be sorted, either by rating, the date they were added or alphabetically. Finally, Ideas can be converted to Assets or Chapters.

Changing the background

You can also change the background image/color for the Idea Board, there are over 100 options to choose from.

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