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Importing a File

You can import information into Quoll Writer by using the import function.

To import a file open the project menu select Import File. You will then see the window below:

At present (version 1.4.3 of Quoll Writer) you can only import information from Microsoft Word files (.doc and .docx are supported).

The following items can be imported:

  • Chapters
  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Items
  • Research Items

The import uses the Heading 1 (or Heading1) style to indicate the name of an item. In addition for characters, locations, items and research items you should prefix the name with the object name and a colon, valid object names are:

  • Character
  • Location
  • Item
  • Research Item

All other Heading 1 text is taken to be the name of a chapter.

All the text up to the next heading is assumed to be the chapter content or the description for an item until the next Heading 1 style is reached.

An example document is shown below (you can also download the example file):

Chapter 1

It was a cold and lonely night out on the moor.

Chapter 2

It was a warm and inviting morning out on the moor.

Character: Joe the Sailor

Joe is a sailor who has sailed the seven seas many times.

Location: The Tavern

A local pub where the locals meet other locals.

Item: Big Stick

A large stick Joe uses to shake at the moon.

Research Item: Ilkley Moor

The document outlined above, if used for an import, will create two chapters, a character named Joe the Sailor, a location named The Tavern, an item named: Big Stick and a research item named Ilkley Moor.

Note: if any of the items already exist in the project, that is they have the same name as an item already in the project, then they will not be imported.

Creating a new project from a file

You can create a completely new project from an import file, just select the Create a new Project option in the first panel displayed. You will then be asked for the same information as when you create a new project normally.

Selecting the items you wish to import

Once you have selected the file you wish to import a preview screen is displayed indicating the items that can be imported into the project. An example preview is shown below:

The first line from the description for each item is displayed, use the checkboxes to select the items you wish to import (they are all selected by default).

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