Most of the items in Quoll Writer, such as chapters, characters and locations have their own tab that is displayed in the main area.

Moving tabs

It is possible to move tabs around by using your mouse to drag and drop them.

Where the tabs are shown

In the options you can change where the tabs are shown either above or below the writing area.

Tab overflow

When there are too many tabs to display two small arrows will be displayed to the right of the tabs. Use the arrows to move between the tabs.

Closing a tab

When you pass the mouse over the tab header a close icon will be displayed, click on that icon to remove the tab.

Knowing when something needs saving

When a tab contains information that needs saving, for example if you have made changes to a chapter but not saved it yet, or if you are editing a characters's information, then a * will be placed next to the name in the tab header. Once you have saved the information in the tab the * disappears.

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