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Getting Started with Quoll Writer

When you first use Quoll Writer the following window appears to prompt you to create your first project. A project is basically a book or a story.

Enter a name for your project and specify the directory where it should be saved on your hard drive and press the Create button.

The main project window will then be displayed. In this example we've called the project My First Book. Whenever you create a new project a chapter called Chapter 1 will automatically be added to the project so you can start writing straight away.

It's really that simple. When you start up Quoll Writer by default it will reopen the last project you edited.


Quoll Writer doesn't have a menu bar, this is deliberate, instead of hunting through menus to find a feature just right click on an item to see it's contenxt menu. Features in Quoll Writer are where you would expect to find them not buried in menus.

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