User Guide

Distraction Free Mode

Distraction free mode is accessed from Full Screen Mode and lets you remove all potential distractions from the writing area so you can get on with writing.

What it does

Distraction free means the following:

  • No border around the writing area. None chapter panels will have the standard border.
  • No left hand column on the writing area.
  • Typewriter scrolling is enabled. This means the writing line stays in the same place and the text moves up and down around it.
  • The writing line is highlighted by default. You can change the color in the full screen properties sidebar.
  • Achievement notifications won't be displayed.

However this panacea has a couple of downside:

  • You can't add or edit Scenes, Plot Outline Item or Notes. Distraction free mode is for when you just want to write.

Accessing Distraction Free Mode

To enter distraction free mode you must already be in full screen mode and then use the button in the header. To exit the mode use the same button. Your setting will be saved and used when you next enter full screen mode.

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