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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.6

Released: 12/May/2017

This release focuses on new features.

New feature - Configurable Assets

Characters, Locations, Research Items and Items can now have extra configurable fields added to them.

New types of Asset can now be created. Click here for more information.

New feature - Object tagging

Objects can now be tagged and grouped into their own sections within the sidebar. Click here for more information.

New feature - Section hiding

Sections in the sidebar can now be hidden or shown as needed.

New feature - Section drag-n-drop

Sections in the sidebar can be moved up or down via drag-n-drop.

New feature - Object sorting

Objects within a section (except for Scenes, Outline items and Notes) can be ordered via drag-n-drop. Assets can be sorted via the data in the fields they contain, if the field can be sorted.

Minor changes

  • Forms now use a stacked layout instead of columns. The way that forms are generated has been overhauled.
  • A new Assets & Tags section has been added to the Options panel.
  • Existing asset types, Characters, Locations, Research Items and Items have been made configurable and are considered "legacy" types.
  • A screenshot of the current window can now be sent with a bug report.
  • Form popups (such as adding a new scene or outline item) can no longer be removed using the Escape key (it was causing icons to be left behind and needs substantial work to support the proper use of the Escape key in this case).
  • Merging of assets when importing from another project or file is no longer supported, this is due to assets now being user configurable and the uncertainty of what to do when there are data type/field mismatches. A future version may return this feature.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an NPE that can occur when the user is opening an encrypted project and the auto-login for the Editors service is trying to display a notification in the current viewer.
  • Editor projects no longer count towards word counts for the session.
  • Deleting an editor project from the projects window will now send a message back to the author that you are no longer editing the project.
  • Fixed an issue where too much text was being used as the summary of a scene or outline item.
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