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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.5.6

Released: 13/Nov/2016

This release focuses on new features.

New feature - New way to interact with the Problem Finder

You can now find all problems of a particular type across all chapters. The results are shown in a side bar. Just right click on a problem found or use the new button in the Problem Finder config window. Additionally, a new rule has been added to find duplicate words and/or punctuation.

New feature - Editing assets has changed

The way that assets (such as characters and locations) has been changed. Instead of editing them within the tab, they are now edited via a popup, in the same way they are added. I understand this may be a change that is NOT to everyone's liking, if this is the case then please contact me to let me know you're not happy. This change was made primarily for technical reasons not user interface ones and as such I'm not committed to it but I think overall it is better this way, although I think the description area needs to be increased in size. Either way, if you want it to be changed back, don't hesitate to let me know.

Minor changes

  • The version of docx4j has been updated, hopefully this brings performance and compatibility improvements for importing/exporting docx files.
  • Added a Find your Projects right click menu item to the projects window.
  • Added a right click menu for assets.
  • You can now mark a comment received from an editor as "Dealt with" to help with tracking and management of comments.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the synonym lookup menu item from being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with styled text not having the correct amount of whitespace around it when exported to docx format.
  • Project exports now use the correct property set so the font, font size etc should be correct in the exported document.
  • Edit complete markers are no longer shown in the chapter list or icon column for an editor project.
  • Only a single item can be displayed (the popup) in the editor chapter panel.
  • The way that background tasks are handled has been changed, hopefully this should prevent some of the stranger errors I was receiving.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented upgrading to new versions under certain circumstances.
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