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Please note: due to time constraints the help has not yet been updated to reflect the current version of Quoll Writer. It will be updated soon!

Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.5

Released: 06/Jul/2016

This release focuses on major new features and bug fixes.

Listed below are the bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 2.5

New feature - Targets

You can now set certain targets to track how your writing is progressing. Set targets for how much you write in a session, every day, week or month. A number of new charts have been added to help you track these statistics over time. You can also specify targets for chapter length and readability.

New feature - New Charts & a Chart revamp

The following new charts have been added:

  • Display current word counts for all chapters, this has integration with the chapter word count target.
  • Display current readability indices for all chapters, this has integration with the readability targets.
  • Display session word count, again this has integration with the session word count target.
  • Display session length.

New feature - The writing area background and text color can be changed in normal mode

I think it makes things look hideous but enough people have asked for it!

New feature - Option to always display the current time/word count in full screen mode

A new setting in the full screen properties will allow you to always have the current time and word count (including targets) display in full screen mode.

Minor changes

  • The Beta tag has been removed from the Editors Mode service.
  • The For time duration values in the charts have been changed to be more useful.
  • Invites to pending contacts can now be resent.
  • The default new project directory is now derived from the last opened normal project not the last project.
  • The icon column color is no longer updated when the background color of the writing area is changed.
  • The version selector for switching between versions of a project received now shows the number of comments each version has.
  • Sent/Received has been added to the comments box title to indicate the direction of the comments.
  • Drag-n-drop of a file onto an asset or chapter has been removed due to Java 8 introducing some stupid bug that I can't fix. I hope to re-add the feature in a future version... grr...
  • Documents opened from the asset document panel will open as a file rather than a url.
  • When creating a new chapter from an idea use the idea text as the chapter description.
  • A number of performance enhancements have been introduced, not least chapter word counts are now calculated in the background and trigger on text changes rather than at regular intervals.
  • New keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+Shift+H to add a new chapter at any time.
  • New toolbar and chapter right click menu items for adding a new chapter.
  • When importing a file, any assets that already exist in the project will merge with assets being imported with the same name/type.
  • The current Java version is now displayed in the About Quoll Writer popup.
  • A couple of new achievements related to backups have been added.
  • New keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+N to add a new project at any time.
  • New keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+O to open a project at any time.
  • When there are no backups for the project the backups popup will display a message indicating this.
  • Links to assets in description now works on the name of the asset rather than it's id/key. If multiple assets match the name (through aliases or partial matches) then a popup will be displayed asking which one the user wishes to view.
  • The color selector has been reworked to support direct entry of a HEX code and RGB selection through a slider. Previously selected colors are displayed below for easy access.
  • Text pasted into a chapter will have control characters removed and smart quotes replaced with normal quotes.

Bug fixes

  • Empty chapters can now be sent to an Editor.
  • Only a single viewer is shown for any comments sent about a project.
  • The Editor Mode service Logging in... popup will now disappear is there is an issue with logging into the service.
  • A number of tips have been brought up to date and tweaked to ensure they display the correct panel/sidebar/feature when the associated link is clicked.
  • Items in the find will now be unselected when a different item is selected.
  • The split chapter option is now only available when the caret is not at the end of the text.
  • When a chapter is deleted any associated sidebars, such as chapter information, are also removed.
  • Only show the link to view the backups directory when the directory exists.
  • Ensure that the chapter information sidebar can be shown when there is no associated chapter tab.
  • Fixed an issue where, if part of an asset's name was the same as another asset, then the links in descriptions would mess up.
  • The problem file properties.xml is no longer used and user properties are now saved to the projects database. This file would (rarely) become corrupted for some reason I could never divine causing QW to not start. This sidesteps the problem and has the advantage of making things more portable.
  • Selected chapters and assets can now be exported to the EPUB format.
  • When sending an invite to an Editor the Editor is now added to your local Editor database prior to the invite being sent.
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