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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.3

Released: 04/Aug/2015

This release focuses on major new features and bug fixes.

Listed below are the changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 2.3

New feature - Editor Mode beta

Editor Mode, along with its companion Editors Service is now available in beta form. Everything works (as far as I can determine) however there are a few things that are still rough around the edges and may need tuning, including the backend server that provides the secure messaging facilities.

For more details on Editor Mode, click here.

New feature - Double sidebars and flexible layouts

This feature allows you to have two sidebars visible at once, say your Contacts sidebar and the Project sidebar. You can also select where each sidebar is in relation to the tabbed pane.

New feature - Spellchecker change and new languages

A new spellchecker has been introduced that supports a far broader range of languages, including German, Spanish and Polish (grr, why you have to many words Polish!!!).

Feature change - removal of English dialects for the spellchecker

A side-effect of the spellchecker change is the removal of English dialects for the spellchecker. It is not currently supported, I understand this may upset some users who rely on this feature and I am looking to re-add support for the dialects in the next release.

Minor changes

  • This version requires at least Java 7.
  • A number of windows have been converted to internal popups, meaning they don't have there own OS level window and so can't get lost.
  • F7 added as a keyboard shortcut to show the Contacts sidebar.
  • Increased the scroll amount for the options panel.
  • Pressing Escape when an internal popup is visible will close it.
  • Pressing the header of an internal popup will bring to the front of all other popups.
  • Added the ability to opt-into beta versions.
  • Warm-up prompt now shown in the warm-ups sidebar rather than above the text.

Bug fixes

  • Updated snapshots so that special characters in the path don't affect it.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to changing an aspect of a chapter (for instance renaming it) when there is no associated tab for the chapter text.
  • Revamped database error handling to hopefully prevent a number of locking errors.
  • The problem finder will now iterate over all sentences and paragraphs (there were a few edge cases where it would not).
  • The problem finder will now allow ignores of multiple paragraph issues on the same paragraph.
  • Fixed a display scaling issue where text and popups would scale to the wrong size. A side-effect of this change is that QW now assumes that the user's default display pixel resolution is 96/inch which can lead to problems if it's actually different.
  • Moved the full screen frame to coordinates 0,0 to ensure it completely fills the window regardless of the position of the Windows taskbar.
  • Changed how windows are positioned so that the underlying window manager decides rather than QW centering the window.
  • Fixed description text being marked up incorrectly if you have an asset name in a url.
  • Better handling of problem finder rule edits.
  • Fixed a problem where a faulty user problem finder rule will no longer prevent other user rules from being loaded.
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