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Please note: due to time constraints the help has not yet been updated to reflect the current version of Quoll Writer. It will be updated soon!

Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.2.1

Released: 17/May/2014

This release focuses on bug fixes.

Listed below are the changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 2.2.1

Minor changes

  • You now need to click on an idea in the Idea Board to show all the text and click the icon to close it.
  • Renaming a chapter or asset will now display a popup window asking for the name rather than editing the name in the tree..

Bug fixes

  • Middle clicking on a tab to close will no longer throw an error and prevent the tab from closing.
  • When splitting a chapter and got some text selected, if an undo is performed the text highlight is removed.
  • When an item from the appears in chapters panel/find they will now open to the correct sentence if the chapter doesn't have a tab open.
  • Multiple word searches will show in the find. Multi-word names will now show in the appears in chapters panel (and side bar).
  • Fixed an issue where the appears in chapters panel was showing no results when an asset had an alias that wasn't used within the text.
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