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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.2

Released: 21/Apr/2014

This release focuses on new features and bug fixes.

Listed below are the new features, changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 2.2.

New feature - Distraction free mode

This is accessed via full screen mode and once enabled will remove scrollbars, the left hand column and border from around the writing area. Also, typewriter scrolling will be used (since there are no scrollbars) and the writing line will be highlighted.

New feature - Writing line highlighting

The writing line (the line where the cursor is) can now be highlighted. Just edit the text properties to enable it, the background color can also be selected.

New feature - Find your project

Added a section to the open project window that allows you to find a project directory and add it. This is useful for people using Dropbox or other file syncing services and they don't sync their projects file (or are using different directory structures).

New feature - Sending errors back to base

An option has been added to allow errors to be emailed back to Quoll Writer support (well me) to help improve things.

New feature - Improved open project window

The open project window will now inform you if a project cannot be opened and if it is encrypted.

New feature - Dictionaries downloaded after install

To reduce the initial download size and get users up and running faster the dictionaries have been removed from the initial install file and will instead be downloaded when the user first creates a project.

New feature - File syncing support (Dropbox et al)

Due to the changeover to version 1.3 of H2, support for file syncing services should be much improved. The database now only uses a single file and thus there is less chance of a corruption occurring.

Minor changes

  • Better handling of errors when an encrypted project is opened.
  • Made the sidebars have more consistent widths.
  • Removed the nasty blocking "native" popups and replaced them with more consistent popups.
  • Changed allowable size of writing area in full screen mode to be larger.
  • When text color changes the caret color is also changed to match.
  • Added option to switch off object preview popups in project side bar. Improved timing so they not as annoying.
  • Added shortcuts Ctrl+E in asset tabs to edit the main information. Added Ctrl+L to edit the linked to list.
  • Added option in project menu to see what is in new in the current release.
  • Prevented multiple assets of the same type from having the same name in all cases.
  • Moved the underlying database H2 to version 1.3.175.
  • Removed configure button next to previous button from problem finder.
  • Made popups more consistent, buttons are now in the same place for similar popups.
  • Sidebar will no longer open on the right of the screen, it was a complete pain with multiple monitors.
  • Updated the jgoodies stuff to their latest versions.
  • You will no longer be prompted to exit the project unless there are changes to be saved.

Bug fixes

  • Quoll Writer can now be closed when there are no tabs open.
  • Fixed an issue where a search result wouldn't display if the associated tab (chapter) wasn't open.
  • When splitting a chapter and the first line of the new text is over 150 characters the line now displays correctly in the split chapter popup.
  • .docx export now handles paragraphs properly.
  • All edit complete text being counted for edited figure in "All Chapters" for word counts side bar.
  • The properties sidebar in full screen now won't disappear at odd times.
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