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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.1

Released: 10/Jul/2013

This release focuses on the new features and bug fixes. Henceforth this version will be known as the version that shall not be named and I will never speak of it again.

Listed below are the new features, changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 2.1.

New feature - Drag and drop of notes/scenes/plot outline items

Notes, scenes and plot outline items can now be dragged and moved within the chapter. I'm currently working on moving them between chapters, bear with me, Java's drag-n-drop support is a pain to work with.

New feature - Splitting a chapter

It is now possible to split a chapter at either an arbitrary point in the text or by selecting some of the text. Just right click on the chapter and select split chapter.

New feature - Compressing the right click chapter menu

An option has been added to allow the right click chapter menu to be compressed (visually).

New feature - Notes shown in chapter list

An option has been added to show notes for a chapter in the chapter list.

New feature - Changing names of objects

The names of objects, such as Chapter, Note, Character and so on can now be customized to your needs.

New feature - Edit position

You can now set an edit position in the text of a chapter that will then visually indicate where you are up to when editing. An icon will be displayed against the chapter in the chapter list to indicate that you partially way through editing.

New feature - Set edit complete

Additionally to the edit position marker you can mark a chapter as edit complete meaning that you have finished editing it.

New feature - New problem finder rules

There is now a rule that checks paragraph length and/or number of sentences. Also a rule for a rudimentary measure of sentence complexity (syllables vs word count) has been added.

New feature - Amount edited added to word counts sidebar

If one or more chapters has an edit position or has been marked edit complete then the word count panel will show the total amount edited. Similarly for the current chapter if either is set then the amount edited will be displayed.

New feature - Double click on chapter margin shows add menu

As above. A menu will be shown for adding a new note, scene or plot outline item.

Minor changes

  • Passive sentences problem finder rule now has an option to ignore dialogue.
  • When changing a word in the text via the spellcheck or synonym finder the formatting is now maintained.
  • Auto-save default value has been changed from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
  • New scenes/outline items/notes are added at the mouse position not the current caret when the mouse is in the chapter panel. Otherwise they are added at the caret.
  • When opening a previously edited chapter the text will scroll to the last position rather than the caret position.
  • If an idea has more than one sentence then a trailing elipsis will be shown when displaying the compressed idea.
  • When changing the font or font size or line spacing the caret will be kept in view regardless of how the text changes.
  • Some small improvements to how notes are displayed.
  • When working in full screen mode the Quoll Writer main window will show a panel indicating that QW is in full screen mode and allow you to exit from the panel.
  • Delete has been removed from the right click chapter menu, it was confusing and archaic, seriously does anyone ever use that?
  • Add and help buttons have been added back into the Idea Board header.
  • If a plot outline item is associated with a scene, when you view the item there will be a link to the parent scene displayed.

Bug fixes

  • Notes are now properly removed from the note tree under all circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where edit needed notes were losing the text selection.
  • All note text is now displayed not just the first line.
  • When there are multiple scenes/plot outline items on the same "line" in the text then clicking on the icon will display them all.
  • If you have multiple monitors and QW is open on monitor 2 then you can now close QW.
  • In full screen mode if the side bar is open on the right hand side of the window then it can now be expanded via dragging.
  • Ensured that full screen text properties are saved to the correct place and not overriding user settings.
  • When deleting notes/scenes/plot outline items in full screen mode the main QW window is no longer displayed.
  • Scenes are now added into the chapter list in the proper order.
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