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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 2.0.0

Released: 22/Feb/2013

This release focuses on the new look and usability.

Listed below are the new features, changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 2.0.0.

New Feature: A new look

The look of Quoll Writer has been overhauled and now uses a monochrome look.

New Feature: A greater focus on the sidebar

Where possible the popup windows have been reduced and instead the sidebar is used instead. For example, word counts and readability indices are now displayed in the sidebar rather than in separate popups.

New Feature: Everything works in full screen mode

Full screen mode for previous versions have been limited to editing chapters only. This version allows you to work fully in full screen mode if you desire.

New Feature: Sidebar appears in full screen mode

To allow for full control in full screen mode the sidebar is now displayed in full screen mode. Just move the mouse to the left or right of the screen to make it appear.

New Feature: Icons moved and added

More icons have been added to the header bar to allow quick access to the Idea Board, the find and full screen mode.

New Feature: Chapter information is now in the sidebar

Instead of having the chapter information in a separate tab it now appears in the sidebar.

New Feature: Plan for a chapter

You can now add a plan for a chapter. Currently this is fairly rudimentary but will be improved in a future version.

New Feature: More flexible UI

You can now move the location of the sidebar and the tabs.

New Feature: Improved project sidebar

The "Assets" section has been removed and replaced with separate sections for Characters, Locations, Items and Research. A count of how many items is displayed for each section. You can still open and close the section with a mouse click. The item selected in the sidebar also reflects the current tab.

New Feature: Options has it's own tab

The popup window has been removed and the options are now in their own tab.

New Feature: Pop out "Appears in Chapters"

The Appears in Chapters section for a Character etc can now be popped out into the sidebar.

Improved Feature: Improved word counts and readability indices

Everything is shown in one place and provides more detail, such as what % of the total is the current chapter. Can also see the readability for a selected piece of text (must be more than 100 words selected).

Minor changes

  • Bigger icons are used in the tab toolbar.
  • The achievements tab has been cleaned up and is now neater.
  • No need to save options, they are saved automatically. Also some options have been made the default for projects.
  • Problem finder config has been tweaked to be more usable. Note: in a future release this will be placed into the sidebar.

Bug fixes

  • Lots, however due to the vast changes introduced by this release there is little point mentioning them!
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