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Please note: due to time constraints the help has not yet been updated to reflect the current version of Quoll Writer. It will be updated soon!

Changes to Quoll Writer in version 1.4.4

Released: 06/Apr/2012

This release focuses on usability improvements.

Listed below are the new features, changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 1.4.4.

New Feature: Set a background image in full screen mode

You can now set the background image when in full screen mode.

New Feature: Achievements

Writing is a thankless task, 100 achievements will help you along and of course they can be switched off. To view your achievements just use the Achievements menu item from the project menu.

New Feature: Interactive tips

When Quoll Writer starts an interactive tip will be displayed at the bottom of the window, the tips can be turned off if desired and most of them are interactive in some way.

New Feature: Appears in Chapters now auto updates

The Appears in Chapters panel displayed for assets will now auto update and work on the actual text in the editors rather than the saved text.

New Feature: Note types can be managed

A long overdue feature! You can now add/edit/delete the note types, just right click on the Notes section and select Manage Types.

New Feature: Item types can be managed

A long overdue feature! You can now add/edit/delete the item types, just right click on the Items item in the Assets section and select Manage Item Types.

New Feature: Can unignore problems found by Problem Finder

A long overdue feature! You can now view and unignore problems found by the Problem Finder.

New Feature: New keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts have been added:

  • Ctrl+Shift+P to open the Problem finder.
  • Ctrl+E to open the Edit Text Properties popup.
  • Ctrl+R to open the Readability popup.

Minor changes

  • A number of minor cosmetic changes have made including changes to button spacing, converting some icons to buttons and spacing/font sizes for headers.
  • When a scene is deleted if it has associated Plot Outline Items then the user is asked if they wish to also remove them.
  • When a Plot Outline Item is viewed if there is an associated scene then a link is displayed for it.
  • Can no longer add Plot Outline Items or Scenes from the Chapters tree.
  • Edit Needed note type removed from list of normal note types.
  • The state of the Add the description to the Chapter checkbox (when you add Scenes/Plot Outline Items) is remembered across the session.
  • Global find now works everywhere not just when you a chapter is the current tab.
  • Global find will open next to the main window, or as much as is possible to do so.
  • The global find will search on highlighted text from a chapter.
  • Spellcheck will ignore numbers.
  • Spellcheck will allow words ending with s or ed if that word is in the thesaurus.
  • Global find will now work in warm-ups window.
  • Double clicking on the parent node in the Assets tree will add an item of that type, for example double click on Characters will add a new character.
  • If there are no synonyms for a word then "No synonyms found for: [word]" will be displayed instead of Find.
  • Undos/redos now work on the entire string being edited rather than on single character.
  • Bold/italic/underline handling has been reworked to be an order of magnitude more efficient.
  • The help button on the Problem Finder now goes to the online help.
  • A couple of minor enhancements to how the Problem Finder handles sentences and words.
  • Highlight color for the Problem Finder has been changed to red.
  • Problem Finder will start finding problems from the current caret.
  • The ordering of the problems found by the Problem Finder has been modified.
  • When an item is double clicked in the Appears in Chapters panel the associated text in the chapter is highlighted.
  • Character aliases are now added to the per-project dictionary.
  • A snippet count indicating the number of times a term has been found is now displayed for each chapter in the global find.
  • A snippet count indicating the number of times a reference to an asset has been found is now displayed for each chapter in the Appears in Chapters panel.
  • The Problem Finder will now take notice of modified text within the chapter rather than working on a snapshot of the text taken when the finder is opened.

Bug fixes

  • Edit needed notes now moving with their associated text.
  • Edit needed notes, when viewed display above or below their associated text.
  • American dictionary files now available and loading.
  • Removing an asset will remove the asset name and aliases from the per-project dictionary.
  • The Problem Finder now can be displayed even if the chapter is empty.
  • Clause rule for the Problem Finder now finds the right number of clauses.
  • Aliases are now saved for characters.
  • Fixed the snapshot time setting so that 24 hour actually means 24 hours.
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