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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 1.4.3

Released: 15/Nov/2011

Listed below are the new features, changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 1.4.3.

New Feature: Idea Board

An Idea Board has been added to allow you to record and catalogue your ideas. See the Idea Board overview for more details.

New Feature: Readability Indices

The following readability algorithms have been implemented within Quoll Writer to help determine the complexity of the text:

An example is shown below:

See the readability help page for full details.

New Feature: Find passive sentences in the Problem Finder

A new rule for finding passive sentences (use of passive voice) has been added to the problem finder. Note: due to the complexities of the English language and the rather fluid definition of passive voice only a subset of instances may be found via this rule.

New Feature: Added a clock to the full screen mode

Since the full screen mode hogs the available space and can block the task bar a clock has been added to the header.

New Feature: Word counts/timer in full screen mode

Just like for warm-ups you can now specify a time and/or word count in full screen mode to track your writing progress.

New Feature: Edit Needed notes

This is a type of note that has special features, you can select a section of the text and then use the special menu item (accessible via the chapter right click menu or the new object menu) to create the note. When you then view the note, the associated text will be selected in the chapter.

New Feature: Global find added, old inline find removed

The old, chapter only inline find was too restrictive and not useful for finding all references to a word or name. A new global find has been added to allow searching across (nearly) all of the text in your project. Note: the inline chapter find has been removed.

Minor changes

  • Modifications to the import/export process to include missing information such as the item type and research item website.
  • The startup splash image no longer shows on top of other windows.
  • When moving in and out of full screen mode the caret is kept visible.
  • Buttons have been given a little more space, this makes them easier to press and more visually appealing.
  • Added the Find icon to the chapter toolbars.
  • Slight redesign of the project menu to more logically group related items together.

Bug fixes

  • An annoying bug relating to the positioning (and subsequent movement) of scenes and plot outline items in chapters has been fixed.
  • Plot outline items are now added correctly to scenes.
  • User defined problem finder rules are now removed from all projects when specified.
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