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Changes to Quoll Writer in version 1.4.2

Released: 30/May/2011

Listed below are the new features, changes and bug fixes made to Quoll Writer in version 1.4.2.

New Feature: Per-project dictionary and user dictionary management

Each project now has it's own dictionary which consists of the names of the Assets within the project. Also the users' personal dictionary can now be managed from the project options. Words can be added and removed. Shown below is the dictionary manager.

See the dictionary management help page for full details.

New Feature: Play a typewriter sound when a key is pressed

You can now have the sound of typewriter key being pressed played when you press a key. See the help page for full details.

New Feature: Display spelling suggestions even when spell check is off

If you right click on a word and it is not in the dictionary then spelling suggestions will now be displayed regardless of whether the spell check is on or off.

New Feature: Spell check language can be selected

It is now possible to select the language, and thus the dictionaries, used in the spell check, see the help page for full details.

New Feature: Specify the location of the toolbar

It is now possible to specify whether the toolbar is displayed above the chapters list or below the notes section. See the help page for full details.

New Feature: Appears in section added for assets

All assets now have an Appears in section (just like characters) that displays where the asset is mentioned in the chapters.

Changed Feature: User must type a word when confirming deletion of chapters/projects

The two stage, potentially confusing, deletion process for chapters and projects has been changed to require the user to type the word yes in a box as confirmation instead.

Changed Feature: Visual changes to the project options

The look of the project options has been changed to make it clearer and give better division between the sections. The options have also been split into tabs, a tab for Project specific options and a Chapter tab for chapter specific options.

Minor changes

  • More key bindings have been added to allow shortcuts for common actions such as creating assets, see the help page for full details.
  • A link to the release notes for the current release has been added to the About window.
  • A check has been implemented to ensure that the size of the Quoll Writer window never exceeds the size of the user's display.
  • A warning is now output if Quoll Writer is using a font not installed on a user's machine.
  • The EPUB export format now wraps each paragraph in a p tag. This is to get around issues with certain EPUB readers that do not display the markup correctly.
  • 's version of asset names are now added to the per project dictionary when the asset is added (and removed when the asset is removed).

Bug fixes

  • The inline find has been modified to jump back to the top of the text when no more matches are found in the text.
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