User Interface Translations - Terms & Conditions for Creators

Listed below are the terms and conditions for creating a translation for the Quoll Writer User Interface and making it available for use to Quoll Writer users. If you do not make the translation available for other Quoll Writer users then these T&Cs do NOT apply. Please note that the use of the term I in the text below refers to Gary Bentley the creator of Quoll Writer. The term set of strings refers to the collection of translated strings submitted to the Quoll Writer server via the Quoll Writer Language Strings Editor and intended for use as a User Interface translation of the Quoll Writer User Interface.

Ownership & Licensing

You agree that by submitting a set of strings to the Quoll Writer server you are providing a royalty free license for end users of the Quoll Writer software to copy, store and use the strings on computer systems of their choice. You also agree that other Quoll Writer users may, at their discretion use your strings as the basis of a derivative set of strings. i.e. they can create a translation based on your translation. You, as creator of the strings maintains all relevant rights and ownership of the translated strings.

Quality of translation

If the translation you provide is not deemed to be of high enough quality or sufficient accuracy with respect to the original English strings, i.e. the strings cause confusion or mislead Quoll Writer users, then your translation may be made unavailable to Quoll Writer users. Where possible, I will attempt to contact you via the email address provided at submission time to give you opportunity to respond or correct any perceived issues. In some circumstances however the strings may be removed without warning.

Minimum number of strings

Only a minimum of one string needs to be provided to submit a set of strings as a proposed translation for Quoll Writer, however be aware that your strings will be unlikely to be accepted for release unless they provide a complete set of strings.

Appropriate language

All strings should be correctly spelled and follow the usual grammar rules for the targeted language. If a Quoll Writer user reports a spelling or grammar error, and you agree that it is a correct report then you should submit a new version of the strings as quickly as is reasonably possible. Failure to provide necessary corrections due to user reports may cause your translation to be removed.

All strings should use language that a reasonable person would deem to be appropriate for use in a writing application User Interface and thus should refrain from using slang terms or profanity or other language that could lead to offense or be construed to cause offense. I realize that is an overly broad definition of what is appropriate and I leave it to your good judgment as to whether the language is appropriate. In short, if you accurately reflect what is provided in the English strings then there shouldn't be an issue.

Feedback and complaints

If a Quoll Writer user complains or provides feedback about an aspect of your strings then it is expected that you respond to that user if they provide an email address and a response is deemed necessary. Even if the user is being disrespectul in their feedback or criticism please try and remain respectful in any response you provide.

Keeping your strings up to date

You are expected to keep your translated strings up to date with respect to new versions of Quoll Writer. Approximately 2 weeks before release of a new version of Quoll Writer I will contact you via the email address submitted with the strings to indicate that a new version of the User Interface strings is available, I will provide an estimated earliest release date of the new Quoll Writer version. You will be expected to provide an update to your strings of the changed and/or added strings before the release date to ensure that users of your translation have an uninterrupted service. If you do not provide an update to the strings then your translation may be removed.


Please note that I reserve the right to remove a set of strings from the available list of strings at any time for any reason. Wherever possible I will try to be fair and equitable and try to have good reason for removal. Reasons for removal may include but are not limited to, the strings do not accurately represent the English strings, the strings have become out of date with respect to the current Quoll Writer version or that there have been a number of complaints about the strings by Quoll Writer users. If your strings are removed then you will be contacted about their removal at the email address provided on submission, a reason will be given for the removal.

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