Adding/editing/deleting types of Idea

Adding a new type of Idea

To add a new type of Idea you can do one of the following:

  1. Use the icon in the toolbar or on the right of the Idea Board header.
  2. Right click on the background of the Idea Board and select Add new type of Idea

The following popup window will appear, to add the new type just enter the name and press Save.

Editing an Idea type name

To edit an Idea type name right click on the header for the type and select Edit the name of this type, the following popup window will be displayed.

Enter the new name and press Save to save the change.

Deleting an Idea type

To delete an Idea type right click on the header for the type and select Delete this type of Idea. If there are no Ideas currently associated with the type then the type will be deleted immediately, if however you have added one or more Ideas to the type then the following window will be displayed.

The type, and associated Ideas, will then only be deleted once you enter the word Yes and press OK.

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