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Thank you for downloading Quoll Writer. To help keep development going please consider becoming a patron or making a donation through gofundme. Every little helps!

Download Quoll Writer

Quoll Writer is completely free to use, use one of the buttons below to download for your preferred platform.

Notes on the macOS version

The .dmg file is a single folder archive so once opened just drag the Quoll Writer application into your Applications folder to install. Quoll Writer has been tested and is known to work on Big Sur.

Some things to note:

Notes on the Linux version

The download is provided as a .deb file. The tool I use to create the Linux version, install4j, only allows me to create .deb or .rpm files. I won't be creating any other distribution type, I chose .deb because people complained about the .rpm. If install4j supports other distribution types then I'll make them available where possible.

If you want to create a new distribution type then please feel free and let me know, I'll make it available through the downloads page.

Source Code

Quoll Writer is open source and made available under an Apache 2 license.

The code is hosted on Github.

I recommend checking out the readme on the Github page for details about the code and how to run it.

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