Version 3 is currently in beta, this means that there will be bugs and problems. Hopefully these will be minor but you should be aware that problems might occur and so if you are uncertain you might be best off waiting until the full release.

Version 3 has been designed to be backwards compatibile with vesion 2.6.14. This means that you can always reinstall version 2.6.14 however it is advisable that you uninstall version 3 first before reverting.

Thank you!

Thank you for downloading Quoll Writer. To help keep development going please consider becoming a patron or making a donation through gofundme. Every little helps!

Version 3 beta

Links to access the beta are below. Version 3 uses a new User Interface technology and many things have changed. Assets have been reworked and are more flexible, things are more configurable generally, there is a Night Mode to stop the evening glare and you can change the font and font size of the interface text.

All feedback is welcome and please feel free to let me know about bugs and things that have gone wrong!

Download for Windows

Click the button below to download for Windows.

Download for macOS

Click the button below to download for macOS. The .dmg file is a single folder archive so once opened just drag the Quoll Writer application into your Applications folder to install. Quoll Writer has been tested and is known to work on Big Sur.

Some things to note:

Download for Linux

Click the button below to download for Linux. The download is provided as a .deb file.

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