I am indebted to the following projects which are either used in Quoll Writer or have been used in it's production, without them Quoll Writer would not have happened.

I am also indebted to Matt Bin whose help and confidence in Quoll Writer as a product has been invaluable. Now go buy his books!

And my deepest thanks go to my muse and partner Rebecca Gordon, without whom nothing I do would ever be completed or even begun.

Background Images

The default background image when entering full screen mode kindly provided by: Guy Sterling. See his gallery beautiful of images

Another beautiful image is provided by Matti (via reddit)

Background Labs

Achievement sound

By: jobro - sound

Icons provided by

Iconic by P.J. Onori

Dictionaries and Thesaurus provided by

The Moby lexicon project

Screenshots for this website

TNT Screen Capture

Installer Generator & Java Launcher for Windows

The installer and launcher is provided by EJ Technologies who have kindly let me have a free license for their excellent install4j - the multi-platform installer builder.

Classic writers whose stories have inspired prompts

Note: I am also indebited to Project Gutenberg for their invaluable work in placing classic works online.

Other projects that helped along the way (but are no longer used)